It is important to eat well-balanced meals at all times, yet this is even more essential when you are trying to get pregnant as well as during pregnancy. Many nutrients including vitamins and minerals are needed for the proper development of the baby.

Food Do's and Dont's

Eating healthy when trying to conceive and during pregnancy is important

Eating more fast food and less fruit when trying to get pregnant increases the time to get pregnant and increases your chances of being infertile.

A balanced diet is your best bet to have a healthy pregnancy. Restricted diets, diets with too low or too high calories, high-fat diets and some vegetarian diets are discouraged during pregnancy because they may not provide all the nutrition needed for the developing fetus. Studies have shown that women who eat a healthier diet with fruit and vegetables have children with higher IQs when compared to women who were in the meat and potatoes cluster and white bread and coffee cluster. These results add to previous findings that maternal diet in pregnancy is key to promoting optimal neurodevelopment in offspring and imply that support for good nutrition during pregnancy is likely to be cost-effective. Further research, particularly in less well‐nourished populations, is needed to confirm and extend these findings.

Fertility and preconception diet

Food to avoid

Healthy food and recipes

Food and nutrition recommendations for pregnancy

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