Clothing and Fetal Safety

Finding the right pregnancy clothes can be a difficult task, especially when you'll need exercise clothes, business clothes, dress clothes, and don't forget jackets and coats! Carrying multiples brings a whole new set of wardrobe challenges. Unfortunately, holding onto that pre-pregnancy body is just not an option which means a new wardrobe will be necessary. Fluid retention and blood volume increase and that living breathing baby inside the womb are all reasons to stay away from restriction and opt for comfort.

Exercise clothing

Exercising during pregnancy is a healthy way to prepare the body for birth and maintain a slow and healthy weight gain. Many women find they can exercise, on some level, up until they give birth. If donning exercise garb is a must, stay away from typical restrictive clothing. While this clothing is made to breathe, it is also made to hold the body tight and that is not what you need right now. Specialty stores online carry a wide array of exercise clothing for every shape and size.

Business clothing

Staying professional while pregnant is important for some working moms-to-be. That A-line skirt will only last so long as the baby begins to grow and the uterus expands. When fit means everything, you may have to search the internet for designers specializing in pregnancy ware for the business. If the clothing budget does not include a whole new professional wardrobe, a local seamstress may be able to let out a few less expensive skirts and sew in a stretchy band.

Multiple babies

Carrying multiple babies such as twins, triplets or more, means increased abdominal growth in a shorter amount of time. While a few women seem to skate by with a normal tummy growth, most women who carry multiples will see their waste expand larger than they ever thought humanly possible. This growth poses a unique clothing dilemma. Again, specialty clothing shops online are perfect for finding a few pieces here and there, but most women stick with oversized dresses and skirts to make it through without breaking the baby budget. Remember, with multiple babies come multiple diapers, wipes, and clothing.

Restriction is not okay

Any type of restriction is never a good choice during pregnancy. Most often it is not a baby that is at risk, but the pregnant woman. Increased fluid and blood in the body can easily be restricted by clothing that is too tight. Restrictive clothing can lead to swelling and restricted blood flow. The baby depends on blood flow for life so restricting that flow is not a healthy idea.