Dads face an interesting problem when it comes to connecting with babies who are breastfed. Tension can surmount as Dad swears the baby loves mom more because they are always so close. Moms who breastfeed do have an advantage over dad when it comes to bonding with the baby, but that does not have to be the steadfast rule. With a little ingenuity, dad can be just as much a part of breastfeeding as bottle feeding.

Breastfeeding With Helper Dad

Bringing Dad into the breastfeeding equation may require a little creative thinking. When the baby is ready to feed, dad can sit on the sofa or couch and allow mom to recline on a pillow or stack of pillows over his lap while the baby rests on mom to breastfeed. While dad may not have the physical interaction mom has, he is completely a part of the breastfeeding experience.

Burping and Breastfeeding
Babies who breastfeed tend to take in less air and thus require fewer burpings to remove air from the tummy. Just because this is true, does not mean more burping will harm the baby. Dad, when sitting next to mom, can burp the baby every 10 minutes or so. For added bonding power, Dad can remove his shirt so the baby’s skin comes in contact with Dad’s skin. Skin contact is warm and comfortable for the baby and may just prove emotionally boosting for dad as well.

Other Breastfeeding Tasks
Just because dad cannot bring the baby to breast does not mean he is not a part of the breastfeeding process. If the baby takes to breast and bottle nipple well, mom can pump milk and offer dad a morning or afternoon feeding. Nighttime feedings are best left to mom because the connection between mother and the baby can be soothing to an infant. Not to mention the fact that breast milk produced at night contains chemicals that help the baby sleep through the night.