childbirth class

Childbirth Classes

    Childbirth: Acupressure for Pain Relief During Labor

    If you're looking for alternative ways to handle pain management during labor, you may want to consider acupressure. This is similar to acupuncture in the way that it works, but there are no needles. ... more »

    Childbirth: Breathing Exercises for Pain Relief in Labor

    Practicing breathing exercises is one of the best ways to be prepared for childbirth. It can help reduce fear and stress, and can allow the labor and delivery to go more smoothly. ... more »

    Childbirth: Visualization Methods for Pain Relief

    Using visualization methods as a tool for pain management during labor and delivery can be highly beneficial. Because labor is a very intense process, it's important that you get through it with as little stress and anxiety as possible. ... more »

    Childbirth: Massage for Labor and Delivery

    Getting a body massage can feel wonderful. Whether you have a full body rubdown or the masseuse focuses on just a few areas of tension, you can leave feeling great. Massage is relaxing and can remove pain and tension from areas like your shoulders and back. ... more »

    Childbirth: Reflexology for Labor and Delivery

    More women are turning to reflexology as part of their plans for a good experience with labor and delivery. It can be used throughout a pregnancy, and can also be used in the delivery room as labor progresses. ... more »

    Childbirth: Prenatal Yoga for Stress Relief and Pain Management

    Among the great ways to become better prepared for childbirth is prenatal yoga. It can also help you stay fit and keep you relaxed during your pregnancy. Lowering your stress level is good for you and your baby. ... more »

    Childbirth: Hypnotherapy for Pain Management

    There are many ways to get through the pain of childbirth. One of the less conventional options is the use of hypnotherapy. When it's used in this way, it's often called hypnobirthing. ... more »

    Clothing and Fetal Safety

    Unfortunately, holding onto that pre-pregnancy body is not just not an option which means a new wardrobe will be necessary.  ... more »

    Caring for the Baby When Mom Breastfeeds

    Moms who breastfeed do have an advantage over dad when it comes to bonding with the baby, but that does not have to be the steadfast rule.    ... more »

    Assisted Breathing

    Whether the woman has chosen a natural childbirth or a labor with pain medication, breathing is essential to the health of the baby during this stressful time. ... more »

    Tips for Preventing SIDS

    SIDS, or sudden infant death syndrome, describes an infant death with an unknown cause. While doctors and researchers may not be able to pinpoint the reason for death in SIDS cases, they have compiled a list of tips to prevent SIDS from occurring with your baby. ... more »

    Co-Bedding Safety Issues

    Parents tend to choose co-bedding as a solution to late night crying and sleep deprivation. While co-bedding may help solve these problems, some experts report that the baby is at a higher risk of sudden infant death syndrome and accidental death when sleeping beside a parent. ... more »

    Baby Blues and Postpartum Depression

    Suffering from a brief bout of mild depression is common for women who have just given birth. Some women will fight through the depression and come out within a few weeks feeling better than ever before. Other women will suffer from baby blues symptoms that lead to a deeper more clinical-style depression. ... more »


    Constipation during pregnancy can lead to pushing and pushing to varicose veins of the rectum. Mom's increased blood volume makes hemorrhoids an even easy problem to create. ... more »

    Preparing for a New Baby in the Home

    Preparing for a baby's arrival in the home is one of the most exciting parts of pregnancy. Most families choose to wait until late in the second trimester to prepare the baby's room just to ensure the pregnancy is safe. By this time, mom will not be able to help paint or lift furniture, so all pressure is placed on dad to make this happen. ... more »

    Me Time Replaced by Daddy Time

    It can be hard for Dad to replace me time with daddy time, but working together with mom and using the give and take method may work to the advantage of both parents. ... more »

    Helping When the Time is Right

    The help mom needs is not going to manifest until the latter stages of the pregnancy. Dad can, however, tell mom on a daily basis how beautiful she is and how she is going to be a great mother. These emotional boosts are the best way to give support as physical changes are happening to her body. ... more »

    Giving Mom a Hand After Birth

    After birth emotional issues, paired with sleep deprivation, often strike a usually happy couple. Mom needs some alone time, support time, and help after the baby is born, and Dad needs to learn how to read the signs. ... more »

    Kegel Exercises

    Nearly every pregnant woman has been told to do Kegel exercises to make labor easier. ... more »

    Bottle Feeding: Is It Healthy?

    Bottle feeding offers a safe, healthy alternative to breastfeeding. All formulas must offer a basic list of nutritional advantages to the baby. Among infant formulas there are four types: milk-based, soy-based, lacto-based and speciality. ... more »

    Alternative Feeding Methods

    Moms typically choose between prepared infant formulas and breast milk for feeding the baby. In rare cases, moms may not feel comfortable with either of these choices. Alternative feeding choices for the baby are limited, but there are some choices mom may want to research. ... more »

    High Heels Shoes and Pregnancy - Shifting From High to Flat Shoes

    Sure, every mom wants to look and feel sexy during pregnancy while pregnant, but there are safer ways to do that than wearing high heels heeled shoes in pregnancy. ... more »

    Telling Family, Friends and Boss About The Pregnancy

    A new baby comes with many physical and emotional changes for mom and dad. Often, these emotions are shared with family, friends and co-workers. Sharing the feelings of happiness, angst and even sadness are contingent upon telling people about the pregnancy. ... more »

    Healthy Exercise and Supplementation

    Moving and exercising during pregnancy is a great way to keep away many aches, pains and bouts of swelling. In addition to exercise, mom needs to understand how supplementation changes during pregnancy. ... more »

    Adjusting To Being Pregnant Changes in the Body

    Discovering a new pregnancy can bring about feelings of happiness and joy, but there is also a bit of fear associated with growing a baby in your womb. Mothers-to-be who need to learn about the changes in their body during pregnancy so that they are more prepared for the next 40 weeks. ... more »