Father and baby

The pregnant woman has 40 weeks to prepare for motherhood. Even if she feels she is not a natural, the changes that take place in the body during gestation and birth are enough to change her mind. Dad, on the other hand, is often forced to sit back and watch all these beautiful changes take place during the pregnancy. When dad feels out of sorts about being a father, there are a few tricks he can use to prepare along the way.

Sleep is crucial during the last few weeks before baby is born. Dad will need to be there to help mom with the daily demands of life in addition to helping care for baby. If dad has the opportunity to take some time off work before baby is born, this is the best time to learn how to nap, wake quickly and assume the responsibility of daily household chores.

Preparing baby’s room is another tangible way to take part in the new baby’s life. Mom will need help moving furniture, painting and building the many pieces of baby furniture needed for the room. Assembling other items like strollers, car seats and changing tables can also help dad put a finger on being a father.

For the mental and emotional changes that take place during new fatherhood, dad can take part in parenting classes and read parenting book. There are plenty of books and classes dedicated to him rather than her.

Talking is the best solution for dads preparing for fatherhood. There are many emotions he may feel and if he can talk through those emotions with other dads, the bond can clear his mind enough to assume his new role with ease.