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There is plenty of pressure on parents when it comes to raising their child. What makes a "good" father? The term is quite subjective, but there are some basics that you can stick to. Yes, being a good father takes effort, but it is deeply rewarding. With a little common sense and commitment, being a Dad will be one of the most amazing roles you will ever play!

1. Be there

The first step of being a good father is to simply be there. Simply paying financial support or even worse, abandoning your baby and their mother are considered the worst things that one can do. It is understandable if the mother and father are not together and struggle to get along, but the father should still make an effort to be a part of the baby’s life, no matter what. The baby's well-being should transcend disputes within the relationship.

2. Get involved

While being there is a crucial, what a father does while he is there is equally significant. If Dad is there but does not interact with the baby, then he may as well not even be there.  It is important that he makes an effort to have an active role in the baby's upbringing. Ideally, he will take on the responsibilities of the child-rearing process, such as changing diapers and feeding.

3. Patience, patience, patience

Patience is vital in the fathering of a baby. Babies are not pre-equipped with language. They have to learn their parent’s language. This can be a frustrating time for everyone. However, anger and frustration should not be shown toward the child for their lack of understanding. These attitudes can be damaging to the child’s ability to learn meaning and can even set a child back in their development.

4. Manage your emotions

Yes, exhaustion is very taxing and yes, the baby may cry all night. However, that does not give anyone the right to be mad at that baby. Aggression towards the baby can be very toxic. Anger management is an absolute must in being a good father. If anger is a problem, it is strongly advised an individual seeks anger management classes, walks away and leave the care to the mother while learning to manage these emotions.

5. Self-control

Self-control is the final big aspect to being a good father. This goes beyond anger and patience. Self-control means kicking any habits that may be harmful to the baby and beginning a life that is healthy and productive. If you would not want your baby ever engaging in certain behaviors and practices, then it is the responsibility of the father to ensure that the baby is not exposed to those things. This includes excessive smoking, drinking, or the partaking of illegal substances. 

The interactions and conduct of the father around his baby that makes a good Dad.  While these can be challenging tasks at times, the rewards of watching your baby grow into a healthy and happy individual are well worth the difficulties of parenthood.

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