spermicide.jpgSpermicide is a form of birth control, made out of suppositories,
foams, cremes, or film, that is inserted into the vagina prior to sexual
intercourse. Spermicide forms a chemical barrier between the vagina and the cervix that either kills the sperm or makes them inactive and thus unable to pass through the cervix to the egg. If used correctly, spermicide is 80% effective.

Spermicide is available without a prescription and there are no known risk to general health. No hormones are involved with spermicides.

Spermicides do not offer protection against sexually transmitted diseases and they  are often less effective than other methods of contraception. Combining a spermicide with other contraceptives like a condome will improve it's effectiveness. 

Usually last only one hour. Side effects: Vaginal irritation, some women are allergic to spermicides. May interrupt lovemaking - most products need insertion at least ten minutes before intercourse. Majority of products only last for one sex act.

Must be applied into the vagina within 30 minutes of ejaculation. Inserts may need to be placed one hour before intercourse. Must follow package directions.