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It can be easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and take the people around us for granted, but Thanksgiving and the holiday season mark the time of year when we try to focus our appreciation for the special people in our lives. While it’s important to appreciate your partner every day, taking that time around the holidays to do something extra special can strengthen a marriage and boost your relationship.

Check out the following suggestions for showing your partner just how thankful you are to have them in your life:

Plan a special night out

Enjoy some alone time during the holidays when you two can just spend time together. Don’t discuss the kids or your schedule or your job. Take time to just be together and reconnect to the time when you first fell in love. Plan dinner, a night out dancing or even a weekend away if you can swing it.

Tell them

It may sound simple, but people like to be thanked and feel appreciated. Bring it up during the toast at dinner or your speech at the family party.

Pay attention

Think of little things you can do to help them. Clean up after dinner, finish the laundry or take over pet duties for a while.

Write a letter

A handwritten note expressing just how they’ve had an impact on your life will be treasured for many years. 

Give a thoughtful gift

It doesn’t always have to be about expensive presents, but giving them something that is very meaningful or personalized can show that you care and are thankful for them.

Just listen

Plan a time when the two of you can just sit down with a cup of coffee or tea and catch up. You’ll be surprised at what’s on their mind and really listening to him/her can make them feel heard, loved and appreciated.

Spend more time together

Go for a daily morning run, meet for lunch once a week or plan a weekly date night. Nothing makes a person feel more appreciated then actively trying to spend more time with them.


Have they always wanted to try rock climbing or scuba diving? Make that wish come true and even better, do it with them. It can be an incredible bonding experience.

Spice it up

Write a sexy love note and stick it in their pocket or briefcase to be found later. Find other ways to express your love and spice up your relationship. Initiating intimacy can make a person feel loved, wanted and appreciated.

Be creative!

Chances are you know what makes your partner tick, and what makes them feel loved and appreciated; if not, ask them. They’ll appreciate your effort and candor, and you can show them just how thankful you are to have them in your life.

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