pregnancy-romance.jpgPregnancy is a time of hormonal and emotional changes that can sometimes turn the notion of romance into a distant memory. When Valentine’s Day approaches, try to take a night off from the complex changes and plan a romantic, at-home get together with your partner. With an ever-growing tummy and difficulty moving around, what is the best way to stay romantic and comfortable at the same time?

  • Buy or pick romantic flowers to adorn your home. Flowers are a beautiful addition to any home and they may just perk up your mood a bit. Nothing says romance like roses, but don’t feel the need to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on a particular variety. Visit a local florist and search for other types of flowers in a wide variety of colors. You can even pinch off the petals and scatter throughout the home for an added romantic touch.
  • Rub away the aches and pains of pregnancy. Whether you’re the one who’s pregnant or your partner, pregnancy aches and pains are real and annoying. When you want to create romance in your home on Valentine’s Day, don’t let pregnancy stand in the way. Buy some massage oils and take turns giving each other romantic massages. Massage can ease pain and increase circulation, so she’ll be getting a two-for-one deal. Warm water can also help ease the aches, so spice things up further with a romantic bath-for-two. 
  • Order a meal that brings back memories. Instead of spending a ton of time on your feet creating a romantic dinner, bring back old romantic memories with a take-out or delivery meal and save that energy for the night ahead. In the latter stages of pregnancy it is important to watch sodium intake to keep swelling under control, but a little splurge once in a while is okay.
  • Get a babysitter. Avoid children interrupting the romantic evening by calling for you in the middle of the night. Give your relationship a bit of alone time before baby arrives and send the kids to a sitter (or grandparents' or friend's place) for the night. 
  • Move the romance to the bedroom. Tons of online gift stores sell lingerie for pregnant women in all stages of pregnancy. As long as sex is not prohibited due to a pregnancy concern, you can don a sexy night outfit and move the romance to the bedroom.

Valentine’s Day can be romantic and beautiful, no matter how hard it is to move around during pregnancy. You deserve a little romance on the most romantic day of the year.