There is some irony in the fact that it takes sex to get pregnant, but pregnancy can make you feel less than sexy. Your breasts hurt, your belly is growing by leaps and bounds and your hair has taken on a life of its own. Despite the changes your body is going through during pregnancy, you can feel sexy as long as you give yourself a little gift from time to time.

feeling sexy during pregnancy

Spa Days Were Created for Pregnancy

You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars on a top of the line spa, but you do have to give yourself the pleasure of being taken care of once in a while. Schedule a blow-out at your local salon followed by a pedicure and manicure. Simple beauty delights are an easy way to improve how you feel about yourself.

Keep Your Sexy to Yourself

Even if you do not feel sexy around your partner it does not have to mean you skip feeling sexy for yourself. Under those sweat pants and oversized shirts wear comfortable, but sexy lingerie. Lingerie for pregnant women is designed to stretch with your body while giving you that sexy look you enjoy.

Hire a Pregnancy Photographer for an Intimate Setting

Feeling sexy does not have to imply having sex. Sometimes all it takes is a look at your body from a different angle. Pregnancy photographers are trained to take the best shot of your changing body. Once you see just how beautiful pregnancy looks on you those feelings of sexiness will return.

Keep Your Sex Life Active

The worst thing you can do in your relationship during pregnancy is to shut down your sex life. Sex is the time when you can feel sexy, act sexy and be sexy. Leaving behind sex because you feel uncomfortable in your new body will only facilitate those feelings. Take a bath, slip into a loose-fitting slinky nightgown and own your pregnancy sex appeal. He will feel sexier about you and you will feel sexier.

Though men play a crucial part in pregnancy, women are ultimately left with the biggest burden of all. Carrying a child can be a mixture of happiness, heartache and emotional turmoil, but feeling sexy is not a something you should lose with your waistline. Feeling sexy is part of who you are and if you want to get that feeling back it is time to treat yourself like the sexy woman you are.