Pedicures During Pregnancy

    Pedicures are a safe and healthy way for a woman to feel beautiful during her pregnancy. Tools used during the pedicure should be sterilized prior to use in order to prevent infection. When in doubt, some pregnant women choose to supply their own pedicure tools to the pedicurist. When choosing a salon, pregnant women should ensure there is enough ventilation to reduce odors and fumes associated with the application of acrylic nails, nail polish and pedicure chemicals. If the salon also offers hair treatments, fumes from perms and other styling processes could cause headaches and nausea.

    pedicure-during-pregnancy.jpgPedicures are exceptionally useful during pregnancy, as the abdomen grows larger. Eventually, the pregnant woman may not be able to tend to her own toenails as reaching them, or even seeing them, is impossible. When choosing a salon for a pedicure, it is important to choose a salon that autoclaves pedicure tools between uses. An autoclave will kill all fungus that can be passed from client to client. Chemical sterilization may kill bacteria, but it will not kill fungus.

    Most physicians will suggest pregnant women invest in a home pedicure set for use during pregnancy. Not only is this kit safer, but increased nail growth could mean spending more time in the salon and thus increasing the risk of fungal infections. Home pedicure kits often include all tools needed for a basic pedicure. In addition to purchasing a basic home pedicure kit, some pregnant women choose to buy a foot spa. Foot spas can provide relief from achy, swollen feet often common during pregnancy. As the pregnancy progresses and reaching toenails becomes impossible, a helping hand may be needed to trim and tend to toenails and feet.

    A beautiful set of toenails can change the way a woman feels about herself. Pedicures, while safe during pregnancy, involve taking the risk of infection when completed in a salon setting. Home pedicures are a safer and cheaper alternative to achieving beautiful nails.