The pinnacle of the holidays is the holiday tree. Many families put up a holiday tree soon after Thanksgiving and trim the tree as a family. If you are already showing, you may find it hard to trim the holiday tree without your growing belly knocking off ornaments left and right. This year, take a new approach to holiday tree trimming with these tips.

  1. Skip the tree trimming and make ornaments instead.
    If you are simply too pregnant to hang ornaments without causing a huge mess, leave the hanging to other family members and craft new ornaments for the tree this year. Crafting ornaments may not be the same as hanging ornaments, but you gain the satisfaction of seeing your works of art hanging on your holiday tree for all to enjoy. 
  2. Employ your other children to hang ornaments.
    Skip the fancy glass ornaments this year and change things up so your children can take your place trimming the holiday tree while pregnant. Children love to hand ornaments and with a little guidance, they do a fantastic job. If your little ones cannot reach the top of the tree, ask your spouse or other family member to take part in the tree trimming. 
  3. Invite friends and family over for a holiday tree trimming party.
    Instead of wallowing in the fact that you can’t trim the tree this holiday invite friends and family members over for a holiday tree trimming party. Ask everyone to bring a box of ornaments to create a truly unique holiday tree. 
  4. Leave the house for a relaxing weekend and come home to a trimmed tree.
    Take advantage of being pregnant to get a little rest and relaxation while other family members trim the holiday tree. You can leave for as little as one night and come home to a beautifully decorated tree. Ask family members to leave the lights off and the star or other ornament off the top of the tree until you arrive home so you can enjoy the first look with other family members. 
  5. Take your time and turn that belly to the side.
    If your belly is just starting to show, turn to the side when hanging holiday ornaments. You may not be able to reach the upper branches of the holiday tree, but you will be able to take part in the tree trimming.

There are plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday tree trimming experience while pregnant. All you have to do is take a different look at tree trimming and make the best out of a fantastic experience.