Memorial Day Party IdeasThe last holiday off from school before summer break is Memorial Day. Kids are antsy and ready to leave school behind and spend some quality time sleeping, playing videos games and running around outside. First you'll have to make it through the Memorial Day cookout, keeping both kids and adults in check for at least five to six hours. Here are a few exciting, fun and friendly games to play at any Memorial Day party. All of these games are ideal for pregnant women and new moms.

The Hanging Treat

Run a piece of cord from one tree to another. Tie another piece of cord to a donut and then tie the other end of the string to the original cord. You should now have a hanging donut. Repeat until you have five to ten donuts hanging in a line. Use longer cords for kids and shorter cords for adults. Ask participants to put their hands behind their back and start munching. The first contestant to finish the donut wins a prize.

Paper Plane Toss

Pull out a long piece of butcher paper and lay it on a long table. Draw step-by-step instructions for folding a paper airplane. Place a stack of paper at one end of the table and ask guests to follow the instructions down the table. When all guests have folded a paper airplane, have a plane toss competition for prizes. Experiment with different airplane designs on multiple tables and have each table compete for the final prize. Give younger kids the opportunity to add color and decoration to the sheets of paper before placing the paper on the airplane table.

Games that Pregnant Women and Small Children Should Avoid

For older kids and non-pregnant guests, you can include a three-legged race, wheelbarrow race and dodge ball competition. Give each contestant a t-shirt with a number on the back so it looks like a real competition. Have medals or some other form of prize waiting for the winner of each race or event.

Safety in the Sun for Kids

It is crucial to have a shady spot available at all times for young children and pregnant women. Sunscreen should be readily available, as well. If there will be multiple young children at the party, it is best to schedule sunscreen applications throughout the day and evening so none of the children get sun burned during the party.