When the thermometer climbs to 90 and there's not a swimming pool in sight, summer can be cruel. Staying indoors and positioning yourself in the path of your air conditioner is one option for surviving an August heat wave, but smart clothing choices can also help you enjoy the summer months. By following three simple suggestions, you can be the best kind of hot mama during the long days of summer.

Make brights your basics

Just say no to basic black. We know it's flattering and it goes with everything, but it also draws in and retains the sun's hot rays. Save black for the other three months out of the year, and stick with light, bright colors this summer. Not only do beautiful brights make a cheerful impression, but they are the ultimate in cuteness and comfort. So whether you're beach- or barbecue-bound, you'll be the life of the party, not a sweaty mess.

Go with the flow

Flowing fabrics promote maximum breathability, which can help prevent overheating, while also stopping perspiration in its tracks. This heads off annoyances like skin chafing, irritation and rashes--particularly in that unmentionable area (alright, we'll mention it--between and underneath your breasts). Long, stylish maxi dresses are big on style, and even bigger on comfort. Better still? Thoughtfully layered, today's modern maxi will see you through the next nine months and beyond. And while your maternity skinny jeans may be super chic, put them away until chilly fall nights arrive. Even if you've already brought home baby, you'll likely be happy for the reunion, as your body will need time to bounce back to its previous shape and size. 

Get in the swim

There's no better place for an expectant mama in sweltering summer than the swimming pool. Nothing helps relieve tension and pressure like a fabulous float, and luckily cute maternity suit options abound. The two-piece tankini style is one of our favorites, as it combines optimal style with on-and-off convenience when the urge to pee strikes, and you know it will. Be sure the suit fits well and provides adequate coverage; it shouldn't ride up or slip down. When you're nestled on that noodle, the last thing you want to be worried about is a wardrobe malfunction.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Hydration is an absolute must for all pregnant women during hot weather. Being out in the sun too long can drain the body of much-needed fluids, causing dehydration, overheating, and undue stress. Make sure you always have a bottle of water with you during the hot summer months.

By incorporating these comfy pieces into your maternity wardrobe, you'll stay cool even when the thermometer hits the triple-digits. Although in that case, the air conditioner is still your best bet.

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