While you're pregnant, you'll want to provide for your own needs effectively so that you can be present for the demands of your job. If you care well for yourself, your pregnancy will become a non-issue and you can enjoy the chance to show that you can maintain a professional demeanor despite expecting a new family member. Make business travel during pregnancy easier by following these tips:

Plan ahead for snacks

Think in terms of your basic physical needs: the first one to consider is food and water. Particularly when you're working on a team, or having meals or drinks with colleagues on a schedule you don't control, it can be challenging to maintain the frequent snacking that may keep you energized throughout a long day. Keep a set of small, healthy pregnancy snacks in your purse, like granola bars or soda crackers, apples, string cheese, and/or nuts. If you are listening to a presentation, you may be able to unobtrusively nibble on something while you work. It's also helpful to have healthy snack food available in your hotel room for the very early morning, since having a bite to eat early in the morning can ease morning sickness.

Use luggage in pregnancy that can be rolled easily

You don't want to carry around and lift luggage in pregnancy that is uncomfortable. Find a smaller rolling suitcase like Rimowa that is being used by many celebrities (and which Dr.Amos, coming from Rimowa's hometown Cologne has used for decades).

Take care of yourself while flying

Tell the desk agent that you're pregnant: sometimes this will result in your being allowed to preboard, which gives you the chance to choose a seat toward the front for easy deplaning. An aisle seat will allow you easy access to the restroom without disturbing other passengers. It will also allow you to get up and stretch your legs a bit, which becomes increasingly important for your circulation in later pregnancy.

If you are going to be flying after your 24th week of pregnancy, bring along a note from your doctor announcing that you have been approved for travel. Airlines occasionally require this, and you don't want to discover you need it when you show up at the airport!

Buy bottled water from one of the vendors near the gate, after you've passed through security. That way you won't be at the mercy of busy flight attendants if you're thirsty. Be sure to visit the airport restroom right before you board, to minimize discomfort.

Build in rest periods

If your business trip has any optional portions, such as evening presentations, weigh carefully the question of how important your presence will be. If you can end your day early without drawing attention to yourself, it will allow you to manage the extra rest your body needs. Keep your pace as slow as you can, while still holding up your responsibilities. There's no reward in trying to go the extra mile just to prove to yourself that you can. Pace yourself.

With a modest amount of preplanning, you can continue to travel freely for business all the way up to 35 or 36 weeks of pregnancy.

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