valentines-day-ideas.jpgYou may want to hop on horseback and ride through the fields of a nearby farm this Valentine’s Day, but if you’re pregnant this is not the best choice. Other activities to avoid during pregnancy include riding roller coasters and bumper cars. Despite the seemingly long list of unsafe activities during pregnancy, however, you can still have tons of fun on Valentine’s Day.

Rock It Out – But Stay Away from the Floor and Center Stages
Rock concerts are a fun and exciting way to spend Valentine’s Day, but there are a few things to keep in mind when booking those concert tickets.

If the concert venue involves a large, open space where you will have to stand for hours before the concert and hours during the concert, choose a different activity. Standing for long periods of time during pregnancy can lead to excessive swelling and extreme fatigue, which can then lead to dizziness and fainting.

Pregnant women can attend rock concerts if seats are sold. It is best to choose seats far away from center stage as the long-term effects of loud music on infant hearing has yet to be fully researched.

Hit the Spa for a Pedi, Mani and Massage
Pregnant women need a little pampering and a spa day fits the bill just right. When choosing a spa, make sure the massage table can accommodate a pregnant woman. Also check the ventilation to ensure fumes from artificial nails and hair treatments are not overpowering.

If you can’t find a local salon able to accommodate a pregnant woman, try looking for a salon that offers home visits. You’d be surprised how many salons will offer to visit a pregnant woman in the home so she can feel beautiful for the day.

Take Her Out for a Night on the Town

Eating out and dancing are generally considered safe for most pregnant women. Choose a restaurant that offers foods she loves and has a great reputation for maintaining sanitary food conditions. Dancing at a local night club may not be the safest option, but taking her to a local dance studio for a few dance lessons is perfectly safe. When baby is born, you’ll both have the skills to tear up the dance floor.

Just because you’re pregnant this Valentine’s Day does not mean you have to sit at home and waste the day away wishing you were doing something else. There are plenty of Valentine’s Day activities that are safe for pregnant women.