An abortion is the termination of a pregnancy usually prior to 20 weeks of the pregnancy. There are several kinds of abortion, medical and surgical.

Medical and surgical abortion

A termination of pregnancy can be done with medication very early in pregnancy, usually within weeks after conception.  Beyond on the first few weeks, a surgical abortion is required to end a pregnancy.  

Abortions and Fertility Problems

You may wonder if having an abortion could affect future fertility, the ability to get pregnant, or the safety of a new pregnancy.

Many studies have shown that there are no connections between a successful and safe and uncomplicated abortion and subsequent fertility issues. Women who have had an abortion can usually get pregnant without problems. 

Most women who have had several abortions in the past can conceive easily and are able to have a healthy baby. There is no evidence that a safe and uneventful abortion has any negative effect on future fertility or pregnancy.

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