I had a tubal ligation and I am considering tubal reversal surgery. What tests should I do before the surgery?

A tubal ligation is a surgical procedure to interrupt the fallopian tube. If you want to get pregnant after a tubal ligation, you can have either a tubal reanastomosis or tubal reversal surgery or get pregnant with IVF in-vitro fertilization.

Before you decide on tubal reversal surgery you should consider and discuss the following:

  • The sperm quality (if the sperm quality is poor, IVF is the better option)
  • Your fallopian tube status (longer-length remaining tubal stumps after tubal ligation improves your chance of a successful tubal reversal surgery )
  • The status of other possible pelvic conditions (IVF is probably a better option in women with significant endometriosis or pelvic scar tissue)
  • Your age (with advanced age, your chance of getting pregnant with IVF are better)
  • The egg quality (if your ovarian reserve is not good, then IVF offers better odds of getting you pregnant).

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