How do they do it?

BabyMed has several built-in mathematic formulas within its FertilChart. These formulas and calculation will be automatically activated as soon as you become a premium member.
These calculations usually detect typical temperature changes associated with ovulation automatically and as soon as there appears to be a biphasic ovulation chart. Once ovulation is identified, then a vertical bar will dhow the day and then a horizontal line will show the coverline. The coverline can only show up if there is ovulation identified.
For the ovulation and coverlines to show on the chart the calculator must first detect that there is a biphasic chart and that ovulation has already happened. This usually occurs well after CD 10-11. 
The human body does not, however, always conform to mathematic formulas. Our experience has shown that the error rate of automatically calculated ovulation days is about 20%. That means that in about 1 in 5 typical ovulation and biphasic chart the automatic calculator won't identify ovulation correctly.
We are the only Internet site that has added a "human expert element" to ensure that your ovulation day and coverline are set more exactly. How does it work? You post your chart into a premium forum or you send it in for evaluation after you opened your chart and then our experts, who have evaluated 1,000s of BBT charts, will look at your charts and try to visually identify the day of ovulation and the coverline. They will also set a confidence level to let you know how sure they are about their interpretation. There are three confidence levels which conform to our probabilities: Low, Medium, and High.
For much more on BBT charting please read our BBT FAQs HERE.

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