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    Ovulation Calculator & Fertility Calendar Predictor

    When do I ovulate? Our ovulation calculator and fertility calendar tells you when you ovulate and when your most fertile days are to make love. ... more »

    Ovulation Predictor Kits OPK

    OPK stands for Ovulation Predictor Kit. The OPK is a test that checks your urine for the presence of LH, luteinizing hormone.  ... more »

    Healthy Lifestyle, Healthy DNA Delay Menopause, Extend Fertile Years

    An extensive international study found that how the body handles DNA repair throughout a lifetime affects the timing of fertility decline and the onset of menopause. ... more »

    6 Ways Medicine, Not Magic, Can Enhance Fertility

    These six science-based ways to enhance fertility have proven track records for conjuring up babies. ... more »

    Study: Some of the Many Things We Just Don’t Know About Making Babies

    A group of researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine used the internet to find out what American women of reproductive age think they know about making babies. ... more »

    New Book Explores Biological Clock ‘Big Lie’

    Baby bumps are one of the hottest fashion trends in Hollywood these days. ... more »

    Increasing Awareness of Fertility Issues May Prompt Some Couples to Conceive Earlier Than Planned

    A new study has shown that women who are more knowledgably about age-related fertility issues have started to move their ideal pregnancy ages up, even though they may not be at risk of impacted fertility due to age. ... more »

    Contraception and Fertility Awareness Among Solid Organ Transplant Women

    According to researchers in Nebraska and New York, female transplant patients are not adequately informed about fertility issues, contraception and chance of pregnancy after solid organ transplant. ... more »

    Contraception and Fertility Awareness Among Women With Solid Organ Transplants

    According to researchers in Nebraska and New York, female transplant patients are not adequately informed about fertility issues, contraception and chance of pregnancy after solid organ transplant. ... more »

    IVF and the Vatican

    John-Henry Westen, editor-in-chief of the online news site LifeSiteNews, recently visited the Vatican to find out if the Catholic Church will ever sanction in vitro fertilization (IVF) as an accepted form of infertility treatment. ... more »

    Prenatal Exposures and Anti-Mullerian Hormone in Female Adolescents

      A long list of studies have been published linking paternal and maternal habits prior to and during pregnancy with fetal and child health outcomes. Researchers recently published another study showing a link between pre-pregnancy habits and health to female offspring long-term health.  ... more »

    Personality and Fertility Collide

    When it comes to having children, your personality may play an important part in success, according to researchers in Norway. ... more »

    Saliva Ferning Test for Ovulation Prediction

    A ferning test uses a tiny microscope to view a drop of saliva once a day from the last day of a woman's period until a fern-like pattern appears in the saliva. ... more »

    Fertility Concerns After an Ectopic Pregnancy

    Fertility can be a complex and difficult issue for many women. After an ectopic pregnancy there are often additional concerns that have to be addressed. These are physical, but they're also mental and emotional. ... more »

    Coping with Fertility Postponement

    Women are choosing to put off motherhood until later in life, typically the mid to late 30s. Researchers from Italy recently examined the coping styles and issues these young women deal with when they postpone fertility. ... more »

    Type 1 Diabetes and Your Fertility

    Although I often struggle with maintaining consistent blood sugar levels, I do not suffer from diabetes. Because blood sugar is such an issue for me though, I often wonder what unforeseen effects diabetes can have on fertility and pregnancy. ... more »

    When to Work on Your Fertility

    Fertility is at the heart of reproduction, conception, pregnancy and parenthood, but many couples do not give fertility a passing thought until something goes wrong in the process. It is then that couples want to know when to work on fertility. ... more »

    The Basics of Conception: For Men

    Infertility affects men and women almost equally, but women tend to be more versed on the concepts that affect fertility and the process of conception. ... more »

    How Soon After Birth Does Fertility Return?

    There is no definitive answer to this question. Some women ovulatewithin a few weeks of giving birth and other women don't ovulate formore than one year. ... more »

    Do I Have to Stop Breastfeeding to Get Pregnant?

    You do not have to stop breastfeeding to conceive, but conception is harder for some women while breastfeeding. Prolactin (breast milk stimulating hormone) may suppress ovulation making it difficult to track fertility and to get pregnant. ... more »

    Can I Get Pregnant Before I Have My First Postpartum Period?

    You can get pregnant before you have your first postpartum period. ... more »

    Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing

    There is a theory that the female human body will naturally space pregnancies, only allowing conception when the body is ready for another fetus. The theory depends heavily on cessation of ovulation and lactation amenorrhea while breastfeeding. ... more »

    Is Breastfeeding Preventing Me from Getting Pregnant?

    Some women experience lactation amenorrhea while breastfeeding. Amenorrhea is the cessation of your monthly period. Hormones associated with breastfeeding affect reproductive cycles. ... more »

    Does Ovulation Change While Breastfeeding?

    Your ovulation cycles will change while breastfeeding. The pituitary gland releases prolactin when you breastfeed. Prolactin stimulates milk production. ... more »

    Charting Fertility While Breastfeeding

    Keeping a fertility chart is the perfect way to get to know your new body while breastfeeding, especially if you plan on trying to conceive soon after giving birth. ... more »

    Can I Conceive While Breastfeeding?

    You can conceive while breastfeeding though you are less fertile during this time. You may notice irregular periods or a complete lack of periods, called lactation amenorrhea, for up to one year (longer for some women). ... more »

    Boosting Fertility While Breastfeeding

    The best method of boosting fertility while breastfeeding ischarting ' basal body temperature, cervical mucus and periods, ifapplicable. ... more »

    Probability of Spontaneous Pregnancy: Day-Specific

    In an attempt to increased fertility and chance of conception, equations and medical history are used to evaluate optimal fertility windows for women seeking IVF/ICSI treatment. ... more »

    Take Sex Out of the Bedroom When Trying to Conceive (TTC)

    The bedroom is your place of business when you are trying to conceive (TTC), but that does not mean you have to limit your sexual encounters to the bedroom. ... more »

    New Postpartum Pregnancy Avoidance Protocol

    The postpartum period can be a confusing time for some women in terms of pregnancy prevention. Breastfeeding can lengthen the time between birth and first menstrual cycle, but ovulation may occur before that first cycle, increasing the risk of pregnancy during the immediate postpartum period. ... more »

    Can I Get Pregnant Any Day of the Month?

    When it comes to conception, the human body is an amazing entity that changes like the ebbs and flows of a river. There are times when fertility is at the highest, but that doesn’t mean fertility is limited to those times. ... more »

    The Effects of Stress on Your Reproductive Health and Fertility

    Stress is one of nature's contraceptives and can have a dramatic effect on healthy reproduction. The major stress hormone, cortisol, is derived from progesterone. ... more »

    Can You Get Pregnant after Bariatric Surgery?

    Obesity is a serious epidemic in the United States. Many people find themselves too obese to perform daily activities, and the health risks associated with obesity cause too many untimely deaths to count. ... more »

    7 Fast Ways to Boost Your Male Fertility

    Male fertility is a complex animal. Granted, it's not nearly as complex as female fertility, but it's still complex. There are a great many factors that go into determining whether or not you'll be able to do your part in creating that bundle of joy. ... more »

    Can I Get Pregnant With Only One Ovary?

    Getting pregnant with one ovary is not only possible, but usually no more difficult then if you had two ovaries. More important is whether the fallopian tubes are intact. ... more »

    How to Get Pregnant - Part I

    My patients who have decided to have children almost invariably ask me,'What should I do to get pregnant?' What books should they read? How dothey take their basal body temperature? Should they use an ovulationpredictor test? ... more »

    Planning Conception around Ovulation

    When you finally reach that stage in life where you feel stable and ready to raise a little one, you might find that getting pregnant is more difficult than you expected. ... more »

    How Breast Cancer Affects Fertility

    Breast cancer does play a role in fertility; however, each woman's situation is unique. It's important to meet with your physician to discuss your options. ... more »

    How many fertile days does a woman have each month?

    You have 5-6 fertile days: In general, there are 5-6 fertile days each month: The day of ovulation and the 5-6 days before ovulation.  ... more »

    Men Like the Way She Moves When Fertility is High

    A new research study offers a new insight into the world of human mating. According to researchers from Germany, women move differently when they are most fertile and men can recognize the difference. ... more »

    Can Fertility Awareness Methods help me get pregnant?

    Yes, absolutely!  Recall that Fertility Awareness Methods (FAM) involve charting observable fertility signs (changes in cervical fluid, basal body temperature, and cervical texture and position) as a way of determining a women’s cyclical fertility.  ... more »

    What are Fertility Awareness Methods?

    For a few days prior to ovulation, tiny glands in the cervix called cervical crypts produce fertile cervical fluid (a slippery, raw eggwhite consistency). ... more »

    Tips on How To Get Pregnant Fast

    Everything you need to know about how to get pregnant faster and maximize fertility. ... more »

    How Can We Make a Girl (or Boy)?

    How can we make a girl (or boy)? ... more »

    Fertility Awareness: Sex and Orgasms

    Which sexual positions are best for getting pregnant? Which sexual positions are not so good? Is orgasm necessary for pregnancy to occur? Can I get pregnant if we have sex many days before ovulation? ... more »

    Fertility Awareness: Sperm/Ejaculation

    What are sperms? How long can sperm live? What is a normal sperm count? What is a normal sperm evaluation? What happens with the sperm/ejaculate during intercourse? ... more »

    What is a normal sperm evaluation?

    What is a normal sperm evaluation? ... more »

    Fertility Awareness: Why Can't We Get Pregnant?

    We have been trying to conceive for a long time, but can't get pregnant. Why? Getting a fertility test is recommended to determine the cause of why you can't get pregnant ... more »

    When Can You Get Pregnant?

    Can you get pregnant before you ovulate? ... more »

    Can You Get Your Period When You Are Pregnant?

    You can't have a regular  menstrual period once you are pregnant, but up to 30% of pregnant women experience some vaginal bleeding, and most go on to have a normal pregnancy. That is not the same as a menstrual period. ... more »