Q: How should I record cervical fluid when I am aroused?

A: Arousal fluid feels a lot like fertile cervical fluid but is secreted by your vagina, while cervical fluid is produced by your cervix. Both feel wet and slippery and both help to make intercourse more pleasurable and comfortable. Arousal fluid, unlike fertile cervical fluid, may be felt at any time during your cycle when you feel sexually stimulated. It may also be felt for up to several hours after any kind of sexually arousing activity. If you are checking your cervical fluid before having intercourse when you are already aroused, it will usually feel slippery and it may be hard to tell the difference between the two kinds of fluids. Though the fluids feel similar, arousal fluid usually feels slightly more watery and will not usually stretch much. To avoid confusion, it is recommended to check your cervical fluid when you are not feeling particularly aroused.