For some women, endometrial cancer or atypical complex endometrial hyperplasia does not have to mean and the early end to reproductive years. A recent study from researchers in the United Kingdom shows that fertility-sparing treatment is a viable option for some patients, resulting in live births and fulfillment of reproductive wishes.

A total of 559 women were included in the study. Endometrial cancer (EC) was diagnosed in 408 cases and atypical complex endometrial hyperplasia (ACH) in 151 cases. All women opted for fertility-sparing treatment. Researchers noted the regression, relapse and live birth rates for both study groups.

  • Women with EC noted: regression (76.2%), relapse (40.6%) and live birth rate (28%).
  • Women with ACH noted: regression (85.6%), relapse (26%) and live birth rate (26.3%).

About 4% of the women developed ovarian cancer during the follow-up period. EC stage advancement beyond stage 1 was reported in 2% of women and two deaths were recorded.

Conclusion: Women with EC and ACH who want to maintain reproductive ability can do so, in some cases, with fertility-sparing treatment. Advanced stage disease will likely eliminate all fertility-sparing treatment options.


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