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    Stress Could Reduce Fertility

    A study was done linking stress levels to infertility. According to the report, women who have higher than normal stress levels could have more difficulty conceiving. ... more »

    7 Fertility Myths Busted

    Fertility and conception expert Dr. David Knight, of Australia sees many couples experiencing difficulty getting pregnant. Knight suggests there might be some simple fixes to easy problems. ... more »

    Baby on the Way for World's First Penis Transplant Patient

    A unidentified young man in South Africa is expected to be a very proud papa soon. Six months ago, he underwent the world’s first successful penis transplant and now has fathered a child. ... more »

    Biotech Company Produces First Ever Complete Human Sperm in Lab

    A biotech company based in France has recently announced their ability to grow human sperm cells in the lab, a breakthrough expected to help many couples overcome male-related infertility issues. ... more »

    Conception After 40: Choose IVF First

    The latest study on infertility and older women suggests the most effective approach to fertility treatment when the cause of infertility is unknown is to choose IVF first. ... more »

    Converting Skin Cells to Stem Cells to Create Viable Sperm

    A team of research scientists at Stanford University was able to convert skin cells of infertile men into human sperm cells. ... more »

    Clomid Does Not Increase Long-Term Breast Cancer Risk

    Women who took Clomid during treatment for infertility are not at increased risk for developing breast cancer, even if they took the drug 30 years ago, according to a new study. ... more »

    Hawaii Considers Expanding Insurance Coverage for Infertility Treatment

    In Hawaii, state law requires insurers to cover the cost of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) but only to a select few. State legislators are considering proposed upgrades to the legislation. ... more »

    Egg, Sperm Recognition Mechanism Could Aid Infertility Diagnosis, Improve Treatment Options

    Researchers at Cambridge University in England have unlocked the secret of attraction between sperm and egg at the exact moment of conception. ... more »

    Scientists Cultivate Testicular Tissue to Preserve Fertility for Young Boys with Cancer

    An increasingly important aspect of cancer treatment in children is how cancer treatment today affects the child's ability to reproduce as an adult. ... more »

    Fully Functional Lab-Grown Vaginas May Bring Fertility to Girls Born Without

    With Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser syndrome (MRKH), girls are born without vaginas. ... more »

    Study Underway to Test Mediterranean Diet Effect on IVF Success; Couples Wanted

    A recent study involving mice demonstrated a "major impact" on the success rate of IVF when the mice were fed a Mediterranean diet before implantation. ... more »

    Sperm Requires Well-Aligned Support System for Optimum Health

    Scientific studies on infertility in laboratory mice have shown that the absence of a certain transcription factor ' p73 ' leads to infertilityin both male and female mice. ... more »

    “Black Box” of Embryo Implantation Discovered, Filmed in Action

    In spite of a wealth of medical knowledge surrounding reproduction, one aspect of embryo development, implantation, has remained a mystery. But researchers now say they've filmed it in action. ... more »

    New DNA Test Offers Miscarriage Clues

    Twenty percent of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and recurrent miscarriage happens to about 5% of all couples trying to have a family. ... more »

    Study Uncovers Genetic Cause of Premature Ovarian Failure

    An in-depth study of the genomes of the members of a family who all share a common ancestor has revealed a genetic cause for premature ovarian failure (POF). ... more »

    Fertilization More Likely When IVF Eggs Dance to the Music

    Fertility specialists in Spain discovered that fertilization rates are higher when eggs being prepped for in vitro fertilization (IVF) can dance to the music being piped into their incubator. ... more »

    OB-GYN Group Urges Doctors to Prescribe Weight Loss Before Conception

    One subject that many obstetricians and gynecologists (OB-GYNs) find uncomfortable is the issue of excess weight when a patient is having difficulties conceiving. ... more »

    Low Birth Weight Baby Girls May Face Future Fertility Woes

    The findings of a Swedish study of infertility indicate a linkbetween a woman's size and weight at birth and an increased risk forfertility difficulties once she's of childbearing age. ... more »

    Harvard Study: Yoga, Meditation Genetically Tame Stress of Infertility

    A psychiatrist is using modern genetic technologies to track changes in the body that occur when individuals engage in yoga and meditation for just a few minutes a day. ... more »

    New Study Explains High Number of Chromosome Errors in Human Eggs

    As many as 60% of a woman's eggs are thought to be defective by errors in chromosomal division. These errors represent the number-one cause of infertility. ... more »

    Girl’s’ Eggs May Be Different from Women’s Eggs

    The results of a study on female mice might lead the way to improved treatments for human females experiencing certain reproductive difficulties. ... more »

    UK Invites Public Comments on Proposed Three-Person IVF Law

    The United Kingdom is deciding whether or not to add legal provisions to national law that will allow a new form of in vitro fertilization (IVF) to become a standard option for infertility treatments. ... more »

    Does a Woman’s Testosterone Level Affect Egg Development?

    We know androgens are vital to a man’s fertility but a new steady says androgens might actually be doing something useful for a woman’s fertility, too. ... more »

    Dad’s Biological Clock Just as Important as Mom’s

    A major study that compared the psychiatric health and academicachievement of siblings gives strong support to the theory that dad'sbiological clock exists and may be just as important as mom's. ... more »

    Malaria Drug Enables Woman to Have Baby After 20 Miscarriages

    Kelly Moseley was determined to become a mother. She'd had 20 miscarriages over a 10 year period and has now given birth thanks to new findings. ... more »

    Embryo Adoption Adds New Twist to Adopting a Child

    The terms embryo adoption and embryo donation are often used interchangeably but some state laws attach specific definitions to them and require state-sanctioned regulations and uses. ... more »

    Key to Sperm-Related Male Infertility on the Brink of Discovery

    Many factors determine male fertility. The exact mechanisms resulting in poor sperm quality have been elusive but a team of California physiologists may have discovered the key. ... more »

    Egg Donation Through the Eyes of the Donor

    Egg donation isn't a decision to be taken lightly. It requires a greatdeal of dedication and determination on the part of the donor and itleaves lasting scars. ... more »

    Overweight Women Using Prenatal Diet, Exercise Counseling Have Healthier Babies According to Study

    An important new study -- the world's largest -- indicates that counseling the mother on healthier lifestyle choices during pregnancy often results in the delivery of a baby of healthy weight. ... more »

    2012 Sets Record for US IVF Births

    In its 2012 annual report, the medical society says it was a record-breaking year for babies born from assisted reproductive technologies (ART). In vitro fertilization (IVF) accounted for 99%. ... more »

    Endometriosis Cellular “Signature” Could Lead to Speedier Diagnosis, Improved Treatment Options

    This discovery could signal the beginning of speedier diagnosis and improved treatment for endometriosis, which is painful and often misdiagnosed. ... more »

    Implantation Failure: Some Embryos Just Don’t Pass “Entrance Exam”

    Recently, in an examination of the reproductive process, medical researchers in England discovered that we must pass the most important exam of all long before our birth. ... more »

    Woman Uses IVF, Genetic Testing to Ensure Children Won’t Inherit Fatal Brain Disease

    A 27-year-old woman wanted to have children but she did not want her children to live as she does, knowing she is genetically inclined to develop a very rare crippling brain disease. ... more »

    Wealthy Chinese Couples Turn to Overseas Surrogacy as Infertility and Pollution Skyrocket

    With more than 40 million Chinese now diagnosed as infertile, surrogacy is an attractive solution but the practice is illegal in China. ... more »

    Gene Manipulation May Someday Overcome Infertility Caused by Cancer Treatments

    Researchers at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York, have found a way to reverse the damage done to the immature eggs (oocytes) of female mice exposed to radiation. ... more »

    Gluten Intolerance Linked to Unexplained Infertility

    Dr. Feel suggests the autoimmune response to gluten may affect fertility; missed periods and infertility are complications of celiac disease. ... more »

    Study: Seminal Fluid May Influence Baby’s Health

    A new study indicates the health of a man's seminal fluid is an indicator for ease of conception as well as life-long health of offspring. ... more »

    Study: Some of the Many Things We Just Don’t Know About Making Babies

    A group of researchers at the Yale University School of Medicine used the internet to find out what American women of reproductive age think they know about making babies. ... more »

    Swedish Womb Transplant Recipient One Step Closer to Motherhood

    The Swedish team of medical specialists has just announced that the first embryo implant has taken place. Others will follow in coming months. ... more »

    Swedish Womb Transplants Bring Hope to Transgender Women

    It's been just a few days since the story broke about nine women inSweden undergoing womb transplants in the hope of bearing childrensomeday. Their story brings hope to many women around the world. ... more »

    Woman Goes on Freezing Frenzy to Prolong Fertility

    Sarah Elizabeth Richards shares how her desire to someday become a mother led to a year-long freezing frenzy in the hope there would be enough healthy eggs available when the right man came along. ... more »

    New Book Explores Biological Clock ‘Big Lie’

    Baby bumps are one of the hottest fashion trends in Hollywood these days. ... more »

    Journalist Ponders Egg Donation and Motherhood

    Amy Klein and her husband, Solomon, want to have a baby but they'refinding out that actually having one isn't as easy as merely wantingone. ... more »

    Womb Transplants Becoming Viable Reality in Sweden

    Nine young women in Sweden recently received uterus transplants in ground-breaking surgery that may allow them to bear children. ... more »

    Preserving Fertility Should Become a Priority in Cancer Care

    Infertility is one of the most distressing long-term effects of cancer treatments for adolescents and teenagers. ... more »

    Freezing Sperm Before Treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma Doubles Chances for Fatherhood

    Men with a Hodgkin's lymphoma who want to have children after cancer treatment stand a better chance of fatherhood if they have their sperm frozen and stored before beginning treatment. ... more »

    How Acupuncture Enhances Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART)

    Men and women undergoing assisted reproductive therapies (ART) may find that acupuncture enhances the effort. ... more »