After the urine has been absorbed onto the stick, the woman needs to wait the amount of time listed on the package directions. Different tests will have different waiting periods, but traditionally the time needed for a test result is three to five minutes. Just like the pregnancy test, there will be a control bar and a result bar. Many ovulation prediction kits will require the results bar to be darker than the control bar in order to read as a positive ovulation result. This is why the test is taken several days before ovulation, up to the day of ovulation.

The ovulation prediction kit will not test negative in the same way as a pregnancy test. There will always be some form of color in the results bar of the test. This is because women always have some level of luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine. As more of the hormone is secreted, the test results bar will darken. When the LH spikes, the results bar should appear darker than the control bar.

The ovulation prediction test should not be taken first thing in the morning. While this is when the surge in LH may occur, the hormone will not be secreted, in most cases, until a few hours after the surge. That means any time between 10 AM and 7 PM are good times for taking the ovulation prediction test.

Having Sex After a Positive Ovulation Test Result

Once the ovulation test has read a positive result, the time for intercourse is NOW. Intercourse should be planned the day of the positive test and up to three days after the test read positive.