A study from the Netherlands and published in the journal Reproductive BioMedicine Online, showed that women who had sex up to three to four days before ovulation and who ate a diet that was low in potassium and sodium and high in calcium and magnesium were 81 percent more likely to conceive a girl.

The study involved a total of 172 couples who wanted a girl. Of the women who followed the prediction rules, 81% conceived a girl, significantly more than you would expect by chance. The authors concluded that this study showed that both timing methods and diet increase the probability of a girl.

The diet consisted of the following:

  1. No sodium 
  2. Ample dairy products (at least 500 g/day)
  3. Limited potatoes 
  4. Supplements: 400-600 mg Magnesium; 500-700 mg Calcium, 5-7.5 microgram vitamin D

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A well-balanced diet is crucial to the healthy development of a fetus and if you want to add the proper timing, you just may increase your chances having a girl.


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