Can I do something to make my baby a boy or girl?

  • The ancient Greeks tied off the left testicle when attempting to conceive a boy.
  • French noblemen in the 18th century went one step further and actually removed the left testicle, believing that this would guarantee a male infant.
  • In the 19th century, the man would stand on the right bedpost and the woman would lie on her right side after intercourse in order to assure a boy!
  • The 20th century brought on the ideas of deep penetration, adjustment of vaginal acidity, consumption of certain foods, position, and other various methods to enhance the chances of bearing either a girl or a boy.

None of the various approaches has ever been scientifically tested. Therefore, no definite statement can be given regarding the success of these techniques, but they probably have no impact on the gender of the baby.
Currently there have been a few proven laboratory techniques of increasing the percentage of male or female sperm, but these are not routinely used. These techniques either use electrical charges, or special "gels" through which the sperm have to swim. Even with these techniques, there is no guarantee that a child of the desired gender will be born. Finally, scientists recently published results of a lengthy study which refutes any relationship between the timing of sexual intercourse in relation to ovulation and the gender of the baby