Medicine during pregnancy

Periconception tip #1 out of the 10 periconception tips that will help you improve your pregnancy chances and have a healthy baby.

See your doctor for a periconception visit and interview and get your partner tested too.

Get examined by your doctor, discuss any questions you have, and consider getting tests completed before pregnancy. The very first test to have completed is a sperm count. Other tests to consider getting are: a Pap smear, ovulation tests to check for ovulation (BBT Charting, Cycle Day 3 Hormone Testing) and a Hysterosalpingogram tests your fallopian tubes for any blockage.

The periconception and preconception interview will help you identify issues and help you have a healthier pregnancy. This is what your doctor will do:

  • A thorough personal, medical, and family history of the potential mother.
  • Reviews your prior pregnancy and medical history
  • A thorough personal, medical, and family history of the potential father. A genetic evaluation.
  • A review of prior pregnancy problems.
  • A physical exam of the mother including a Pap and other tests.
  • A physical exam of the father, if indicated. Blood samples and other tests of both parents if indicated (for example, HIV, infectious diseases, genetic predisposition).
  • Counsels you about infectious diseases (e.g. toxoplasmosis, rubella immunity), and about avoiding tobacco and substance abuse
  • Reviews teratogen use (drugs or medications with adverse effects on the fetus)
  • Provides genetic information and suggests early prenatal care
  • Informs you about folic acid supplementation
  • Makes suggestions for any problematic issues ("ALERTS")

The PeriConception Interview is an organized interactive preconception and periconception program that identifies and reduces a woman's reproductive risks before and around the time of conception through risk assessment, health promotion, and interventions. We will help you improve your chances of having a healthy baby. Before you start, please read more about The Three PeriConception Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy.


The PeriConception Center is designed for those:

  • trying to conceive (TTC) 
  • who are already pregnant
  • with fertility problems and conception issues
  • prior pregnancy complications
  • undergoing IVF or other fertility treatments

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