preconception care

We do so much planning and preparation before we cook our favorite holiday meals. Just consider how much we plan our Thanksgiving dinner. We often have an extensive list and purchase just the right ingredients, the perfect cut of meat, the ideal spices, and the best cookware. Once we get started, we measure carefully and stir consistently to cook that meal to absolute perfection. While the dinner might last a few hours, the preparation can take weeks in advance. Ironically, we follow dinner recipes to a tee, yet most pregnancies follow the "just do it" principle.

babyMed wants to change the "just do it" principle by getting you ready for pregnancy in advance. We want to help women and men learn all the right "ingredients" that will whip up a healthy and happy pregnancy. Read on!


Pre-Trimester Basics

12 Steps for Preconception Care

  1. See your doctor first
  2. Get educated and learn about fertility and getting pregnant
  3. Improve the health of you and your partner
  4. Review your medications and supplements
  5. Stop smoking and stop alcohol
  6. Be at your optimal weight
  7. Try and relax
  8. See your dentist
  9. Check your health insurance
  10. When to stop birth control 
  11. See an infertility specialist if necessary
  12. His pre-trimester of the pregnancy is important, too!

Preconception Testing

What Preconception Tests Should You Get?
Pap Smear
TSH (checks thyroid)
Sperm Analysis
Postcoital Test (PCT)
Check Ovulation with the basal body temperature curve (BBT)
Cycle Day 3 tests if problems with TTC
Hepatitis A
Rubella titers
Chickenpox titers
Parvovirus B-19 (Fifth Disease)
Type and Rh both partner's blood
Sickle Cell
Jewish Genetic Disease

For Dads-To-Be

What Men Should Do In The Pre-Trimester
Pre-Trimester For Men: The Preconception Period Is Vital
Dad’s Folic Acid Consumption May Be Vital To Baby’s Health

Nutrition and Diet

Pre-Trimester Diet and Lifestyle Tips
Nutrition and Diet Before Pregnancy
Preconception Vitamins and Folic Acid
Optimal Pregnancy Weight Gain
Preventing Birth Defects
Benefits Of Folic Acid During Preconception and Pregnancy


Testing for Fertility
Why Can't We Get Pregnant?
Odds Of Getting Pregnant
Good Eggs Versus Bad Eggs
Abnormal Sperm 
Abnormal Eggs
Signs And Symptoms Of Female Infertility
How Often Should You Have Sex During Fertile Period?