Is an orgasm OK in pregnancy?

There is a lot of skepticism and false information out there about orgasms during pregnancy. Much of the false information deal with the reaction the body has during and after orgasm. Orgasms cause the uterus to contract, sometimes for up to an hour after sex. Oxytocin, a hormone associated with labor and labor induction, is released naturally during orgasm. It was once thought that the contractions and release of oxytocin would cause preterm labor, but that is not the case if you are having a healthy pregnancy. What happens, however, when you are in a high-risk pregnancy with increased risk of preterm labor?

Twins and Preterm Labor

What actually causes the start of labor is a gray area. Some experts believe when the uterus reaches a certain size, when it's streched, or when the body is physically incapable of providing enough energy to keep the fetus and pregnant woman healthy, labor starts. With twins, both these theories may come into play causing an increase in preterm labor risk. The uterus grows larger with twin pregnancies than singlet pregnancies and the body needs to provide more calories – so labor could start earlier. The fact is that 50% vof twin pregnancies deliver prematurely, before 37 weeks. The risk of preterm labor and other possible complications associated with having twins leaves some pregnant women at higher risk. If your pregnancy is at high risk of preterm labor, talk with your obstetrician about the effect of orgasms on your pregnancy in the third trimester. 

Are All Twin Pregnancies at Risk?

Many twin pregnancy are high-risk from the start, some become high risk later on, and some never become high risk. Complications during previous pregnancies play a role as do many other factors. Some manage to carry twins to term (which by the way is 38 weeks usually) and even work until the moment the water breaks. Not all twin pregnancies are the same and not all pregnancies are considered high risk, so some women can safely orgasm for the duration of the pregnancy. 

Organsms are safe for most pregnancies but...

Orgasms are safe for most pregnant women, but there are exceptions to every rule. Talk with your physician about your medical history, risk factors for preterm labor and the impact of orgasms on your pregnancy.

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