It won’t be much longer before your newborn makes their grand debut. You’re in your third trimester and by now, your body has grown and changed in ways you never imagined it would. Your back aches, your breasts are swollen, your feet are throbbing, and staying comfortable seems nearly impossible. Though it seems that your body is working against you right now, there are a few tricks that can keep you comfortable in the last trimester.

Talk to your doctor about pain

If you’re in a lot of pain or experiencing a lot of inflammation and discomfort, speak with your doctor. Though it is recommended that expectant mothers not take much of anything during their pregnancy, your doctor may have an alternative solution. From willow bark aspirin to other natural or low-dose pain meds, there may be a remedy, but you shouldn’t try it without your doctor’s consent.

Pillows are your best friend

Whether you’re trying to go to sleep or just get comfortable in a chair pillows are the answer. They have pillows in all shapes and sizes that can be used to provide additional support wherever you need it. While sitting down, you might want to place a pillow behind your back or add a bit more cushion to the chair. If you’re trying to get some rest, use a bobby pillow or nursing pillow which is shaped like the letter C and wrap your body around it for extra support. 

Massages galore

By the time you reach your third trimester everything seems to be swollen or sore. You can relieve some of the inflammation and pain by getting a good rub down. As your significant other, friend, or trusted relative to help you out. If there’s no one around, there are plenty of massage devicesyou can buy in stores to relieve the pain. 

Dress comfortably

You may be known for always dressing in the trendiest fashions but now that you’re nearing the end of your pregnancy comfort trumps fashion. To relieve some of that back pain, for example, go with a pair of womens comfortable sandals or flats so you’re not putting all that pressure on heels. 

Eat smaller meals

Indigestion and heartburn seem to kick in bad for a lot of women during the last trimester. It can cause some serious gas, bloating, and discomfort making it hard to do anything. The best way to resolve the problem is to try eating smaller meals throughout the day. This allows your body to break down the food easier.

Warm baths

Having trouble getting to sleep? Can’t deal with the little aches and pains? Then start or finish your day with a nice, warm bath. You can even add a bit of Epsom salt to the mix for increased comfort. The warmth helps to relieve pressure and all-over body aches while the slow movement of the water helps relax the mind and body for a good night’s rest.

The final trimester of your pregnancy is often the most taxing on your mind and body. You’re anxious about the arrival of your new baby but the changes your body is taking you through are enough to drive you insane. From pregnancy aches and pains to digestive issues, the above-mentioned tips will certainly help to ease your frustrations and keep you as comfortable as possible.

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