Some jobs require that you tell them right away about your pregnancy, while in others in may be better to wait. Here are 12 steps when to tell your boss that you are pregnant.

  1. Complications. If there are complications with the pregnancy or potential complications, the pregnant mom needs to divulge her state as early as she feels comfortable. This can mean as soon as the complication arises even if the baby is only a few weeks into gestation.
  2. Job stress level. Having a stressful job is hard enough on the mother's body, let alone on babe's body. If the stress level is high, mom may need to break the news to her boss early in the pregnancy.
  3. Job limitations. If pregnancy and the limitations of the condition prevent mom from completing the job at hand, the boss will need to know of her condition immediately.
  4. Strenuous work. Strenuous work could include lifting great deals of weight or being physically active for long periods of time without breaks. These conditions are not acceptable for pregnant women and the boss will need to be told of the pregnancy immediately.
  5. Chemical interactions. Another reason to tell the boss of the pregnancy immediately is if the job includes using any type of chemicals contraindicated during pregnancy. These could include photo chemicals or cleaning chemicals.
  6. Multiple pregnancy. If mom is pregnant with more than one baby, all of the rules can be thrown out the window. There could be bed rest, extra doctor's appointments and pregnancy guidelines that are more strict.
  7. Time on the job. The time spent with one company can affect how early the pregnancy is divulged. If mom is new to the company, waiting a bit longer may be ideal. If she has been with the company for years, the personal relationships may supersede any abovementioned tips.
  8. Job interviewing. During a job interview the pregnancy will only come up if the expectant mother believes it necessary to tell of the pregnancy. Some employers will hold the fact that mom is pregnant against her even though this is not the right thing to do.
  9. Keeping things private. Smaller companies often have a more difficult time keeping personal affairs, like pregnancies, private. If the pregnancy is something mom wants to keep under wraps until the second trimester, she will need to hold off on the reveal until then.
  10. Maternity leave options. What are the maternity leave options with the company? These options could be the deciding factor for the pregnancy reveal. If the maternity leave is unpaid and mom believes the boss will be less than happy, a longer gestation should span before telling about the pregnancy. However, it is important to give enough notice so the position opened can be filled while mom is out on maternity leave.
  11. It's all in the timing. If there are no complications and none of the above conditions apply to the pregnancy, the best time to tell the boss of the pregnancy is between the 16th and 20th week. By this time, the boss will have seen that the pregnancy does not impede your work efforts and thus should not react in a negative manner.
  12. Returning to work. After baby is born, the next call mom will have to make is when to return to work. Most maternity leaves will allow up to 12 weeks after birth to make this decision.
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