Our 12 step program will provide you in detail how to tell your partner that you are pregnant.

  1. A Baby Themed Dinner: If you are looking for a creative way to tell your partner you are pregnant, why not serve a dinner fit for baby. Baby lima beans, baby carrots, baby back ribs and a Baby Ruth are all great choices. If your partner  still doesn't get it, try topping off the night with a jar of baby food.
  2. Hanging Empty Frames: Do you have an area of the house where family photos are displayed? If so, try hanging or placing a few empty frames in that spot. When your partner asks why the frames are empty, tell your partner they are waiting on the first pictures of baby.
  3. Italian Surprise: Prego Italian sauce provides the perfect label trick to tell your partner about the pregnancy. Swap out the traditional Prego label with a label that reads "I'm Prego." To make things even easier just write the word "I'm" in large print on the label.
  4. Tie Him Up: If your partner wears ties to work, buy your partner a tie with rattles or booties all over it. In the morning, suggest to wear that tie to work. S/he will immediately understand why.
  5. Puppy Messenger: If your partner can't get into the house without the puppy attacking the legs, try attaching a message to the puppy's collar. When the puppy jumps up on your partner s/he will read the note and beam with joy.
  6. Make a Doctor's Visit: For the first visit with the Ob-Gyn, tell your partner that s/he has an appointment for a physical or check-up. When you arrive at the doctor's office, s/he will know s/he is not the one that needs some attention.
  7. Replace His Underwear with Diapers: Cleaning out your partner's underwear drawer and replacing the underwear with diapers is a cute way to get the news across. Just make sure your partner does not try to wear the diapers to work.
  8. Classic Proposal: There is nothing saying one partner in the relationship has to be the one to propose every time. When you find out you are pregnant, buy your partner a small piece of jewelry or a ring. Get down on one knee and ask if s/he would do you the honor of raising a baby with you.
  9. Stuffing the Tummy: In an attempt to break the ice, pack your shirt with a pillow and ask your partner how s/he thinks you look while pregnant. When s/he answers positively, tell him/her it is a good thing because that is the way you will look in a few months.
  10. Wrap the Test: The pregnancy test is the best way to tell your partner you are pregnant. But, instead of just handing her/him the test, wrap it up with pastel tissue paper in a very expensive box. When he arrives home, tell her/him to take a look at the expensive gift you got for yourself.
  11. Picture Art: Mom can take a picture of a hamburger bun, a picture of the oven and a picture of herself. On the wall, the pictures can be placed like a math equation. Bun + Oven = Mom
  12. Straight Talk: If there is too much excitement surrounding the baby for tricks and funny reveals, walk into your partner's job and tell her/him face to face. The joy will still be there.
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