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Father’s Day is one of those holidays that has very few set rules. You can celebrate your father, your husband, grandfathers and even the fathers of friends — the day is all about giving Dad that feeling of appreciation that he deserves.

Father's Day ideas

One of the cutest budget-friendly ideas for kids is to make a T-shirt, shorts or sweatshirt with handprints or footprints of all the children. You can use fabric paint for the prints and fabric markers to write the children’s names and the date of this Father’s Day on the garment. Make sure to wash your little one’s hands or feet immediately after the craft is complete to eliminate a huge mess.

Other ways to celebrate Father’s Day with kids include making Dad breakfast in bed, giving Dad the day off without kids or sending him on a small weekend trip to relax.

Sometimes showing Dad you appreciate all his hard work is as simple as giving him some free time to remember who he is and the things he loves in life.

Father’s Day is all about telling the men in your life how much you appreciate them.

For older kids

If the kids have already moved out or children have not yet become a part of your family, you can still plan a celebration. If you are celebrating your father or grandfather, choose a gift or activity that includes something he loves to do — like golf, tennis, fishing or any other favorite activity. Be sure to plan his favorite foods and drinks to round out the party. When kids get older, the important part of the day lies in simply being together.

For the dad-to-be

If you are planning a Dad-to-be party, try printing off pictures of how your children could look using software that melds together pictures of both parents into a baby’s or child’s face.

If you have been debating starting a family, Father’s Day may be the perfect time to reveal to him you’ve decided to start right now. This is likely to be one of the most memorable Father’s Day gifts he ever receives. And remember, if you conceive about two months before Father’s Day, you could give birth right around Father’s Day next year – now how is that for a cool Father’s Day gift.

Father’s Day is all about telling the men in your life how much you appreciate them. Whether that includes your father, husband, partner, brother or just a friend, remind him today (and always!) about how special he really is.

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