How to prevent toxoplamosis?

    1. Do not eat raw or undercooked meat, especially lamb or pork.
    2. Do not eat locally prepared cold cuts.
    3. After handling raw meat, wash your hands immediately with soap. Do not touch your eyes, nose, or mouth, or other body parts. When cooking, avoid tasting meat before it is fully cooked.
    4. Do not empty a cat’s litter box. Have someone else, wearing gloves, do it.
    5. Change litter daily before any Toxoplasma oocysts can "ripen" and become infectious (Stage F). Dispose of used litter safely, preferably in a sealed plastic bag. If pregnant, avoid changing the litter box if possible (or use rubber gloves).
    6. Wash all fruits and vegetables before eating them. Wash vegetables thoroughly before eating, especially those grown in backyard gardens. Boil water from ponds or streams before drinking when camping or hiking.
    7. Don’t feed your cat raw or undercooked meat.
    8. Keep your cat indoors to prevent it from hunting birds or rodents, which can be infected with many types of bacteria.
    9. Wear gloves while gardening.
    10. Avoid children’s sandboxes because cats may use them as litter boxes.
    11. Cover sand boxes when not in use to discourage cats defecating in them.
    12. Wash hands with soap and water after working with soil or after handling raw or undercooked meat.
    13. Cutting boards, knives, and the sink and counters should be washed well after cutting meat.
    14. Cook meat thoroughly until the internal temperature reaches 152ºF (66ºC) in a conventional oven. Microwaving is not a sure way to kill Toxoplasma in meat.

How do I get toxoplasmosis infection?