Adoption is often considered the last resort for couples facing fertility problems, but that is not always the case. Couples can choose adoption for various reasons, including the simple joys of adopting a child into a loving family. Before seeking adoption there are various considerations that need to be discussed between couples and with other children in the household, if applicable.

Fertility problems and adoption

Adoption can be a last resort for couples who simply cannot conceive. With advancements in fertility technology and assisted reproduction, fewer couples are left with adoption as a sole choice, but there are still many couples who cannot conceive even with medical assistance. 

Money can also play a contributing role in adoption. Couples who cannot conceive naturally, but do not have the money to seek advanced fertility help may choose adoption simply because it can be a more financially viable means of becoming a parent.

Choosing adoption as an alternative means of parenting

Fertility is not always the driving factor in choosing adoption, however. Some couples choose to adopt before attempting to conceive or after birthing children of their own. There are many reasons for choosing to adopt a child, including being raised as an adopted child or wanting to help children who have no other stable home.

Rules of adopting can limit your choices

When seeking adoption, you must fall within the rules and regulations of the adoption agency. Some agencies require couples be married for a certain amount of time or meet a minimum age requirement. It is best to start researching adoption agencies and the regulations surrounding adoption sooner rather than later. Some adoptions can take years to finalize with many couples conceiving during that time, rendering the adoption process null and void.

How long to wait before seeking adoption

This question is not easy to answer. Some younger couples choose to try conceiving for three to five years before seeking adoption. Other couples try as long as 10 years before adopting. It is best to find out information about multiple adoption agencies, including local, private and international agencies, as soon as you start thinking about adoption. Knowing where you want to turn when you choose adoption and how the process works can make the process easier. 

Couples can seek adoption for a variety of reasons, including infertility. Though the process and waiting periods vary, couples are best served learning about adoption well in advance of making a final decision.