There is no age limit for a pregnancy test

There is a push to prevent teen pregnancy and that push has resulted in a drop in teen pregnancy rates, but that doesn’t mean teens are not having sex and that they no longer need home pregnancy tests. Home pregnancy tests are sold in convenience stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, and the like. Any teen can just walk into the store and purchase a home pregnancy test, but that doesn’t mean the clerk isn’t going to say something to the teen about making the purchase.

Society and teen pregnancy

Society says that teens should not be having sex and that means judgment from many members of society. There are some teens that are mature enough to have sex and end up marrying their teen mates, having children, and living happily ever after. But there are also teens that have sex and get pregnant at a very early age. This is the result teens are expected to have when they have sex at a young age and society does not view teen pregnancy in a positive light so negative looks and comments are common.

How to Take a Home Pregnancy Test

Teen sex, society, and the pregnancy test

While many people will offer little tips about how to buy a pregnancy test while avoiding people who are just plain negative, that is not the advice I’m giving away today. Having sex is a grown-up choice and if you’ve made that choice you must live up to the grown-up consequences. Walk into the store, pick up the pregnancy test, and buy it. If the test is positive, tell your parents or an adult you trust and figure out the next step together.

If you need a pregnancy test and you cannot afford to buy one – talk with a doctor at a free medical clinic or talk with the counselor at school. Both should have resources to help you get tested.

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