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If you love horseback riding, and you are an experienced equestrian, you may be wondering if you will be able to ride your horse during your pregnancy. Unfortunately, most physicians and even experienced horse riders recommend that you do not ride your horse while you are pregnant. The fact of the matter is that horseback riding is just not safe enough, or even comfortable enough, for you and your baby during pregnancy.

Possibility Of Falling

One of the main problems with riding a horse during a pregnancy is the possibility of an accident. Even if you have been riding horses all your life, and you know your horse better than the back of your hand, an accident is still possible. The horse could become spooked, you could accidentally fall off the horse, or the horse could even accidentally kick you. If any of these scenarios occur your baby’s health, not to mention your own health, could be in serious jeopardy.

Comfort Factor

Another problem with riding a horse during a pregnancy is that it simply is not comfortable. Experienced horse riders who try to ride during their pregnancy often report feeling uncomfortable, off-balanced, and nauseated. There is simply too much that is happening to your body at this time to comfortably deal with the rigors of horseback riding.

Bouncing Movement

In addition, physicians caution against horseback riding because of the up and down jostling that can harm the baby during this time; with the baby’s position, and your position during horseback riding, the baby is especially prone to injury if any extreme bouncing occurs.

While you may adore riding a horse, it is best for you to leave off of horseback riding during your pregnancy. It is not worth the risk to you and your baby. Once you have recovered from the birth of your baby, you can enjoy horseback riding again safely and without worry.

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