All 40 weeks of pregnancy boils down to one moment - labor. A labor coach is someone who's there to keep mom on track, get dad's head out of the clouds and even help keep family members informed and appeased during the birthing process. Birth can take hours, even days for some women, so choosing the right birthing or labor coach requires some careful thought and a deep personal connection. Just remember:

  • Choose a coach with experience - you don't a newbie with no labor time.
  • Make sure the coach is not overbooked - two labors at once would be a disaster.
  • Interview the coach and spend some time with him/her before labor begins.
  • Don't be afraid to change coaches mid-pregnancy if things aren't comfortable.
  • Never accept less than you expect.

The labor coach is both a friend and a professional; someone who can hold your hand and boost your morale and knows when either is needed. 

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