So many reasons to deliver the baby in the hospital. Here are the top reasons for wanting a hospital birth, especially if you are thinking of having a homebirth in the US:


  1. I want a live baby
  2. I want a healthy baby
  3. I do not want to take a risk to harm my baby's brain
  4. I have read the scientific literature, not just someone's opinion
  5. I believe doctors are well trained
  6. I believe hospitals have the best resources to deal with emergencies (teams, nurses, pediatricians, anesthesiologists, blood bank, other specialties)
  7. I have a choice in the hospital to have less pain (epidurals) during labor and birth if I choose to
  8. Low and behold I need a cesarean, it's right there in the hospital with minimal wait
  9. I don't like episiotomies, and told my doctor so, she will only do it if really necessary
  10. There should be the ability for the baby's heart beat to be monitored electronically during labor. Just listening to it isn't good enough.