What is Apolipoprotein B?
Apolipoprotein B (APOB) is associated with LDL, low density lipoprotein, levels in the blood. LDL is most commonly known as bad cholesterol. When levels of APOB are higher than normal, plaque deposits tend to increase causing atherosclerosis. If atherosclerosis goes unnoticed it can lead to heart disease and death. While doctors don’t understand the exact reason why, high APOB levels are often indicative of increased risk of heart disease – thus the blood test is used often to determine risk.

Normal Value Range

  • Negative Pregnancy Adult: 52 to 163 mg/dL
  • Pregnancy Trimester One: 51 to 81 mg/dL
  • Pregnancy Trimester Two: 66 to 188 mg/dL
  • Pregnancy Trimester Three: 85 to 238 mg/dL

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