Estrogen (Estradiol) Levels During Pregnancy

Estradiol is more widely known as estrogen, the female reproductive hormone. It plays a part in mood stabilization, temperature control, and other body functions, though it is most well-known as the pregnancy and menopause hormone. ... read more »

Diagnosis of PCOS

How can you diagnose if I have PCOS? ... read more »

Protein - Total (Serum) During Pregnancy

Total serum protein measures the amount of protein in the given blood sample, including the individual factors of protein albumin and globulin. Subsets of globulin, like alpha-1, may also be measured. ... read more »

Blood Type Calculator

Our interactive blood group calculator determines a baby's probable blood type based on mom's and dad's blood types, and vice versa. ... read more »

Blood Type and Rh Rhesus Status By Countries

Chart showing blood types (A, B, AB, O) and Rh Rhesus status (Rh-positive and Rh-negative) by country. About 92% of all people are Rh-positive and the rest are Rh-negative. ... read more »

Endometrial Cancer: Diagnosis and Staging

If you have any symptoms related to endometrial cancer, with the most common being abnormal vaginal bleeding, it is important to visit your doctor right away and undergo the appropriate testing. ... read more »

Tubal Ligation or Sterilization For Contraception

After having children, some women choose to have a tubal ligation to prevent future pregnancies. ... read more »

Routine Blood Tests and Prenatal Testing During Pregnancy

Which routine blood tests are done at the first prenatal visit? ... read more »

Copper (Serum) During Pregnancy

When you think of a blood test you don't think of copper, but many complete blood screenings measure copper levels. If a patient shows symptoms of Wilson disease, a total copper test is ordered. ... read more »

Health Screenings for Men from 18 to 88

While health screenings and regular checkups may be the last thing on the mind of an 18-year-old, as he ages, those screenings will play an important part in his health. Here is what men need to know about health screenings. ... read more »

Maternal Vitamin D Level and Diabetes in Offspring

Yet another health benefit of vitamin D has been added to the long list of this micronutrient's essential functions which include promoting calcium absorption and maintaining good bone health. ... read more »

Cell-Free DNA Blood Test

Cell-free fetal DNA testing is a new screening test where a sample of the woman's blood is taken after 10 weeks of the pregnancy. It is a "non-invasive" test which requires only a blood test. ... read more »

Ovarian Cancer: Diagnosis and Staging

If you have any of the most common symptoms of ovarian cancer, which include frequent bloating, pain in the pelvis, difficulty eating, and urinary issues, it is important to schedule an appointment with your doctor. ... read more »

Red Blood Cell Count Test During Pregnancy

The RBC gives doctors the total red blood cell count present in the provided blood sample, which is a good indicator of total RBC count in the body. ... read more »

Tay Sachs Disease

Tay Sachs disease is caused by a defective gene on the 15th chromosome. Both parents must have the defective gene to pass the active disease to a child. If both parents carry the defective gene, children have a 25% chance of having an active form of Tay Sachs. ... read more »

When To Take A Pregnancy Test To Get Best Results

Despite the claim that home pregnancy tests are effective as little as two to three days before the first day of your next menstrual cycle, the human body does not always live up to this expectation. ... read more »

How Long Should I BBT Chart Before Seeing a Doctor?

How long should I chart my BBT before seeing a doctor? ... read more »

How Pregnant Am I When…?

There are milestones throughout a pregnancy. Some are physically noticeable and others happen and pregnant women have no idea they occurred. How pregnant am I? ... read more »

First Trimester of Pregnancy: When to Tell Others

It is commonly known that miscarriage and other complications tend to occur during the pregnancy first trimester so many couples choose to wait before telling family and friends. ... read more »

Fabry Disease

Fabry Disease is a genetic disorder passed along to children from the mother. The gene for the disorder is carried on the X chromosome. ... read more »

Maple Syrup Urine Disease

Maple Syrup Urine Disease is a genetic disorder. The most noticeable symptom of the condition is sweet scented urine that may smell similar to maple syrup. The disease prevents the body from breaking down amino acids effectively. ... read more »

Women with Low Zinc and Copper Have More Miscarriages

About 15-percent of women suffer from spontaneous abortion in the first trimester of pregnancy. Doctors and researchers are constantly looking for reasons why these spontaneous abortions occur. ... read more »

Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Ovarian cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer since early symptoms are not easily detected. Ovarian cancer may not cause early symptoms in some women. ... read more »

Blood Test Predicts Preeclampsia Risk

A recent study indicates a blood test taken at intervals during pregnancy might be an impressively accurate way of predicting the onset of preeclampsia. ... read more »

Matrix Metalloproteinases and In-Vitro Fertilization Outcome

Predicting the possible outcome of in-vitro fertilization (IVF) before the procedure takes place is a manik goal of reproductive research. ... read more »

Oxidative Stress is Increased in Women with Epilepsy

Researchers from the Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology in India have recently published a study in the journal Annals of Indian Academy of Neurology connecting epilepsy to oxidative stress that could impair fetal development. ... read more »

Podocyturia and Proteinuria in Preeclampsia Patients

According to a new study published in Hypertension, a medical journal, podocyturia is detectable in women who experience preeclampsia before proteinuria. Authors from various departments at the Mayo Clinic worked on the study concurrently. ... read more »

Apolipoprotein B (Serum) During Pregnancy

Apolipoprotein B (APOB) is associated with LDL, low density lipoprotein, levels in the blood. LDL is most commonly known as bad cholesterol. When levels of APOB are higher than normal, plaque deposits tend to increase causing atherosclerosis. ... read more »

Basophil Count (Whole Blood) During Pregnancy

Basophils are part of the body's immune system ' specifically white blood cells. During an inflammatory reaction, particularly a reaction caused by an allergen, basophils rush to the site and release heparin. ... read more »

Calcium - Ionized (Serum) During Pregnancy

Ionized calcium is the free calcium running through the body in blood. Calcium is used by all cells to complete the work they do in the body. In order for cells to access the calcium they need, the free calcium must move to the cells, thus levels in the blood. ... read more »

Low Neutrophil Count During Pregnancy

The main function of neutrophils is to fight off fungal or bacterial infections. Neutrophil levels appear abnormal on the white blood count test if there is a condition affecting the immune system. ... read more »

Bilirubin - Unconjugated, Indirect (Serum) During Pregnancy

Bile contains an orange pigment known as bilirubin. The liver cells are supposed to excrete this pigment after heme is broken down and biliverdin is reduced (processes of the liver), but that excretion does not always occur. ... read more »

Calcium - Total (Serum) During Pregnancy

Calcium is a mineral consumed in food and supplements. The mineral is stored bones where it is used to promote strength and support changes and growth throughout life. There is also free calcium in blood used by cells during normal cellular function. ... read more »

Hematocrit Levels During Pregnancy

When a complete blood count (CBC) is ordered, hematocrit levels are included in the series of blood tests. Hematocrit levels represent red blood cell volume in the given blood sample. ... read more »

Can Serum Progesterone Levels Predict Pregnancy Viability?

A study published in Springerplus from researchers at Ahmadi Hospital and Ain Shams University reveals a simple blood test that may help predict the viability of pregnancy with early vaginal bleeding. ... read more »

Why Does My Doctor Test Alkaline Phosphatase?

Alkaline phosphatase is an enzyme that removes phosphates from various molecules in the body, including proteins and alkaloids. This blood test is often ordered as part of a liver health screening. ... read more »

Newborns Affected by Severe Illness Linked to Parasite

Toxoplasmosis is a cat parasite that can infect a pregnant woman if the woman touches cat waste, which is why pregnant women are told not to change cat litter boxes while pregnant. ... read more »

New Blood Test Identifies High-Risk Preemies

A new blood test developed by researchers at the University of Missouri (UM) identifies high-risk preemies so they can be carefully monitored to minimize certain life-threatening complications. ... read more »

Maternal Serum Screening

During a maternal serum screening the mother's blood is checked for a combination of different markers: alpha-fetoprotein (AFP), unconjugated estriol (uE3), and human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). ... read more »

Can I Get Chicken Pox?

My 4-year-old has chicken pox. Can I get it? Most adults who grew up in the U.S. are immune to the virus either because they had the disease or because they were immunized. ... read more »

Hypothyroidism - Anovulation

I have a low thyroid condition, can that be a cause of my ovulation problems? ... read more »