What is the Folate (Red Cell) Test?
If you’re experiencing anemia, your doctor will order a series of blood tests. The series of tests may include the red cell folate test – most often if your red blood cells are larger than normal called macrocytic anemia. Anemia of all kinds can cause pale skin, extreme fatigue, dizziness or loss of balance. If your red cell folate test results are lower than normal, your folic acid levels need to be boosted.  Folic acid, also known as folate, is extremely important during pregnancy. Without proper amounts of folate in the blood, the risk of neural tube defects increases.

Normal Value Range

  • Negative Pregnancy Adult: 150 to 450 ng/mL or 340 to 1020 nmol/L
  • Pregnancy Trimester One: 137 to 589 ng/mL or 310 to 1335 nmol/L
  • Pregnancy Trimester Two: 94 to 828 ng/mL or 213 to 1876 nmol/L
  • Pregnancy Trimester Three: 109 to 663 ng/mL or 247 to 1502 nmol/L

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