What Is Hematocrit?

When a complete blood count (CBC) is ordered, hematocrit levels are included in the series of blood tests. Hematocrit levels represent red blood cell volume in the given blood sample. Size of those red blood cells is also reported. Size and number of red blood cells are an indication of overall health and dietary efficiency. If there are too few red blood cells or if the cells are too small, anemia or poor diet could be the blame. Leukemia, a form of cancer, also affects hematocrit results.

Normal Value Range

  • Negative Pregnancy Adult: 35 to 44 percent or 0.35 to 0.44 Proportion of 1.0
  • Pregnancy Trimester One: 31 to 41 percent or 0.31 to 0.41 Proportion 1.0
  • Pregnancy Trimester Two: 30 to 39 percent or 0.30 to 0.39 Proportion of 1.0
  • Pregnancy Trimester Three: 28 to 40 percent or 0.28 to 0.40 Proportion of 1.0

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