Facial Peels During Pregnancy - Safety and Precautions

Pregnancy prone skin problems

Discoloration of skin, acne, and breakouts, are common during pregnancy due to pregnancy hormones. Skin that is discolored or affected by acne can be smoothed with the use of a chemical facial peel that works by removing the outermost layers of skin. However, during pregnancy, the cause of the discoloration, acne, and breakouts, is pregnancy hormones which will continue to stay elevated in the bloodstream until after giving birth.

Are facial peels safe during pregnancy?

Experts claim there are no negative side effects associated with chemical peels and pregnancy, but the skin issues will likely return soon after the peel due to the continued presence of pregnancy hormones. For some pregnant women, skin issues continue throughout the pregnancy. Facial peels may solve acne and discoloration issues for a brief period of time, but the effect will not typically last. Further, increased sensitivity of the skin during pregnancy can cause additional breakouts from the chemicals used during the facial peel process.

The cost of facial peels

Light facial peels generally cost between $600 and $900, which is a high price to pay for an effect that will only be short-lived. Deep chemical peels can cost as much as $6000. Deep facial peels require general anesthesia not considered safe during pregnancy. The side effects associated with general anesthesia can be compounded during pregnancy thus increasing the risk of death during the procedure.

The bottom line about facial peels and pregnancy

For most women, acne, and skin discoloration associated with pregnancy will last only a short while after giving birth. If, after birth, the skin conditions persist, facial peels can then be used to treat skin conditions. Typically, cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists will ask postpartum mothers to wait at least one year after giving birth to seek a facial peel. This allows the body enough time to restore normal hormone levels and naturally heal skin conditions.

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