Home Spa Treatments During Pregnancy

Home spa treatments over salon treatments

With so many concerns about manicures, pedicures, waxing, facials, and massages, it seems more appropriate to consider home spa treatments in place of salon treatments. Home spa treatments can be more sanitary and convenient than salon treatments and tend to cost much less. When the pregnant tummy gets in the way of performing your own home spa treatments, invite friends and family over for a spa day. A spa day is a fun way to spend time together!

Certain home spa treatments include herbal remedies and treatments. These should only be used if approved by the treating physician. Some herbs are not safe for use during pregnancy and could harm the pregnant woman or her fetus. Cleansing, detoxification, and the use of mood-altering herbs are never safe to use during pregnancy.

Home spa treatment safety

When setting up home spa treatments, make sure to use alcohol to sanitize tools between manicures, pedicure, etc. Many home dishwashing machines also have a sanitize setting, which can be used to disinfect home spa treatment tools. The sanitize setting uses very high heat to kill bacteria and fungus, so make sure to wash only the tools that are metal as plastic home spa treatment tools may be damaged by the hot water.

Partners can also be a part of the home spa treatments as the pregnancy progresses. There is nothing worse than wanting to feel beautiful only to find out you cannot reach your own toenails. If a layer of polish needs to be professionally applied, the home pedicure can be completed first with a visit to the salon for paint only.

When in doubt about any combination of ingredients used in a home spa treatment, make sure to ask your treating physician. Natural home spa treatments tend to be more appropriate during pregnancy because they do not contain chemicals that can irritate the skin.

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