Makeup Tattoos During Pregnancy

What are makeup tattoos?

Makeup tattoos are becoming more and more common. Where traditional tattoos still require visiting a tattoo salon, makeup tattoo studios can be found in shopping malls and strip malls in many large cities. Makeup tattoos are no different from traditional tattoos and pose the same risks of infection. Pregnant women should steer clear of the tattooing process during pregnancy in order to eliminate the risk of HIV or Hepatitis B infection. Makeup tattoos involve applying ink deep into the uppermost layers of skin. During pregnancy, facial tissues can be distorted and stretch due to swelling and fluid retention. This means that makeup tattoos applied during pregnancy can change in shape once the baby has been born and the swelling subsides.

Makeup tattoo reactions

Discolorations of the facial tissue, like flushing and blushing, can also affect the chosen colors for makeup tattoos. Natural colors are chosen for most makeup tattoos to help blend makeup tattoos into the natural color of the skin. If skin color is distorted due to increased blood volume and body heat, the effect may not look so natural once the baby is born. further, the color applied to the skin may differ from the final result. Thus, light brown eyebrows may turn out to be black. And when makeup tattoos are removed, permanent damage to hair follicles can result

Safety precautions

The process of applying makeup tattoos is the same as applying traditional tattoos. Needles and tools need to be autoclaved to sterilize and kill bacteria between uses. If the tattoo artist does not use an autoclave to clean all tools, HIV or Hepatitis B can be passed from one client to the next.

Many pregnant women are surprised to find out that the safety of tattoo inks are not thoroughly tested for use on pregnant women. Natural henna tattoos are a safe alternative to makeup tattoos during pregnancy. The only limitation during the henna application process is the type of henna used. Only natural colorings should be used whether a woman is pregnant or not. Black henna is unsafe for anyone receiving a henna tattoo.

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