The Arch sexual position is a male delivery position. The female lies on her back and arches upward. The male approaches the female on his knees and penetrates the vagina while her back is arched. The male partner can hold the thighs of the female to help her stay in the arched position as long as desired.

Pros of the Arch Sexual Position

There is very little pressure on the male or female during this position, for most couples. The male is comfortably on his knees and is not supporting the weight of the female. The female does not support the weight of the male either.

Cons of the Arch Sexual Position

The female must be able to hold her back an arch for this sexual position. This could cause pain in the neck and lower back.

Tips for the Arch Sexual Position

If the female feels pressure or pain at any time, the male can move his hands under her buttocks to help hold her weight. This could be a bit too strenuous for some males.