It's likely that while pregnant you won't be able to rely on the same sex positions you enjoyed before pregnancy. With a growing belly and many other physical changes, you may have to get creative with new ways to make sex comfortable and pleasurable. The good news is, trying out new positions can be exciting and fun, so relax and enjoy the search! We recommend trying out the Dr. Ruth and Dr. Amos pregnancy sex position for maximum comfort and pleasure.

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Arch Sexual Position

The Arch sexual position is a male delivery position. The female lies on her back and arches upward. ... read more »

Arm Chair Sexual Position

The arm chair sexual position is one of the most unique out there. The male sits on the bed with his legs outstretched. ... read more »


The missionary style is the most common sexual position, but it is also the base for many varieties of other positions. The Victory is simple to perform, ... read more »

Stand and Carry Sexual Position

The Stand and Carry Sex position is performed with the male partner holding the female partner in his arms during intercourse or penetration. ... read more »

Reverse Sybian Sexual Position

The reverse sybian sexual position is a woman on top position. The male lays on an ottoman or other prop facing the ceiling. ... read more »

Teaspoons Spooning Sex Sexual Position

The teaspoon sexual position is similar to doggy style but with a bit more interaction between the male and female partners. ... read more »

Reverse Amazon Sexual Position

Like the Amazon, the reverse Amazon is sexual position with the woman on top position with the male's legs on either side of the female's thighs. ... read more »

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