The arm chair sexual position is one of the most unique out there. The male sits on the bed with his legs outstretched. The female mounts the male in a seated position. Her legs then move up to the shoulders of the male. She must lean back just a bit and support her own weight on her hands. Rhythm is required to pull off the arm chair.

Pros of the Arm Chair Sexual Position
For couples wanting to try something different, this position is definitely that.

Cons of the Arm Chair Sexual Position
The arm chair is not for couples that are faint of heart. It can take many tries to achieve the position and many more to get a rhythm going. The female must support her weight on her arms from a widely spread position. This can cause fatigue quickly. Pain may also be associated with the leaned back position.

Tips for the Arm Chair Sexual Position
It is best for men and women who want to try the arm chair sexual position to do so with an open mind. There may be lots of laughter and questions about how the position can be achieved. Many couples use pillows behind the female to support her weight.