3 Natural Ways to Fight Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is something all men fight with from time to time. Things like diet, alcohol consumption, and stress can cause occasional erectile dysfunction. If you find the condition is persistent, it is important to seek medical advice as the condition could be caused by a more serious health problem. Once all medical issues are addressed, there are natural ways to fight erectile dysfunction without medication.

Penis pump

These little devices are quite impressive at helping men achieve an erection. A plastic tube slides over the penis and an attached pump removes air from the tube. As air is removed, blood flow to the penis increases, and an erection occurs. Maintaining the erection once the penis pump is removed may require a constriction ring. 

Constriction ring

Constriction rings are ideal for men using a penis pump to achieve an erection or men who have no trouble achieving an erection, but cannot maintain the erection. The constriction ring slides over the penis and fits snugly at the base. It does not help men achieve an erection, but it can slow down the release of blood from the penis – thus the erection is maintained longer. Constriction rings are safe for up to 30 minutes of wear.

Lifestyle changes

Smoking, drinking, being overweight, and having high levels of stress can all affect your ability to achieve an erection. It is important for men suffering from these issues to learn how to relax, eat healthy well-balanced meals, quit smoking, drink in moderation, and exercise to maintain optimal health. When your body is in better health, your reproductive health will improve as well.

While all health improvements are important, stress relief may have the most immediate effect on erectile dysfunction. Stress can come from work, home life, financial troubles, or the fear of not being able to achieve an erection when desired. Relaxation exercises, massage, and even acupuncture are thought to be good ways to reduce stress.

Erectile dysfunction is not a disease, but a condition. There are multiple means of treating erectile dysfunction, both natural and medicinal. Talk to your physician about these and other ways to reduce the impact of erectile dysfunction on your love life and self-esteem. Once you get in control of your condition, you will be more likely to find a natural treatment for erectile dysfunction that works for you and your partner.